Preschool 2

Academics / Preschool 2


Your child will flourish in an environment filled with child initiated activities that balance play and discovery by teacher direction and instruction. Early preschoolers are guided in making an important transition from individual play to group play. Creative activities encourage self expression through movement, painting and dramatic play. Our early learning program and curriculum are designed to enhance the cognitive, gross motor, fine motor, social, emotional, speech and language development of each child by providing engaging lessons and activities taught by experienced and qualified teachers. Letter formation and writing words including the child’s own name will be a new and exciting achievement.

The Preschool program for children aged 3 to 4 years old.

Why Rising Star Preschool

Approaches To Learning

Every child learns in different ways. Our approach provides teachers with the tools and guidance to accommodate children's natural curiosity and fully support each child while building problem-solving skills and confidence.

Physical Development

Active children become active adults. We show your child fun ways to practice proper techniques for movement, balance and motor skills with plenty of time to slide, climb and run on our age-appropriate playground.

Safety Is Our #1 Priority

Ensuring the safety and security of all the children at Rising Star Preschool is our top priority, and we have taken strict measures to ensure that our policies and procedures reflects this philosophy.

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